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An Oil Blend to Purify and Cleanse

I was so pumped when I first learned about this oil!! So Pumped!! As a mother of two teenagers, a member of a 2 kitty household, and a Brittany Spaniel owner,  my home needed some serious air purity and deodorizing!!

Young Living’s Purification oil is a supercharged essential oil blend that I diffuse regularly.  I love how this oil cleans up the air in my home. I have to admit when I first got the bottle of oil…I did NOT care much for the strong smell from the bottle. But, boy oh boy, it is great in the diffuser and has some seriously wonderful every day uses.

An Oil Blend to Purify and Cleanse

Let me tell you about this oil blend! There are so many ways to use this oil that I just had to share them with you. I don’t want anyone to miss out!


Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle, and Tea Tree essential oils


Powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and sanitizing properties.  Its action purifies and cleanses.


There are quite a few ways to use this oil blend. Many uses focus on the cleaning and deodorizing power of this oil blend, but there are other uses too.  Of course, this oil blend is the ULTIMATE WEAPON against odors.

Dewdrop Diffuser found in Premium Starter Kit from Young Living
1) Diffuse

Clean the air in your home, car, or office. I tell ya, it seems like this oil has little pac men that just gobble up home odors. I use this after cooking foods that have a lingering smell.

This blend also works great for pet odors, stale house smell, and so forth. It’s a great oil blend to keep handy!

2) Acne

Great for acne when used on the skin. This oil is in many recipes that help with facial blemishes and zits. You can put it in a zit zapper roll on (grapeseed oil, 8 drops purification, 4 drops lavender) or just dab on your acne spots.

3) Insect repellent

Place on a cotton ball and put in the corner of a room that has issues with insects. You can add a little extra drop of peppermint oil for ant repellent as well. This can also be combined with other oils to make an insect repellent spray.

Using a 4oz Glass Spray Bottle:

2oz Witch Hazel

8 drops of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Purification, and Thieves Oils

Fill with Distilled Water

Add the ingredients to the spray bottle and shake to combine. Use as needed.

4) Stinky pets

Remove pet odors. Think SKUNKED DOG!! Add to dog shampoo or simply put it in the bath water with a little dash of salt to wash your stinky best 4 legged friend.

Dirty Black Shoes with kitty
5) Odor Eater for stinky shoes

Put on cotton ball and place in stinky shoes, boots, and so forth. Acts as an odor eater.

6) Freshen laundry

Add a few drops to wool dryer balls or in your washing machine with the soap for fresh smelling laundry.

7) Deodorize carpets

Make a homemade carpet deodorizer by adding the oil to baking soda and sprinkling it on your carpet before vacuuming. This works wonderfully and is one of my favorite uses for this oil (apart from diffusing).

8) Feeling sick??

Helps with sore throat relief. You can put a few drops on the front part of your neck to help boost immunity and healing. Also, for ear aches….put a drop of oil behind your ear lobe.

9) Travel Assist

Mix purification essential oil with water in a spray bottle and bring it with you when you travel. Spray it on hotel beds to repel bed bugs. Germs can spread fast in small spaces, such as airplanes. When you travel, put a few drops of Purification oil on your hands and breath it in to help prevent you from breathing in too many germs from the recycled air.

10) Remove Microwave Odors

You can put a few drops (2-3) of Purification oil in a bowl of water and microwave for 15 seconds. Leave the bowl in the there for a short time period and the smell will be clean and fresh. This method works with any smells that might linger in your microwave. Think burnt microwave popcorn! YUCK!

11) Insect bites/cuts scrapes

Great for your first aid kit. Put directly on bug bites, small scrapes and cuts to help with healing and prevent infection.

There may be dust in my house but there isn’t any on me. ~Author Unknown


Purify, Clean, and Deodorize with Purification Essential Oil


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