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Bug Bite Relief Roll-On

Its’ that time of year again……where you go out to enjoy the nice weather and the mosquito’s start to swarm.

Just yesterday, I tried to take a walk in the woods with my dog, Aida, and  EEEEEKKKK… we were on the wrong side of the buffet line! Aida was not happy that we had to turn around and go home; although, she was a happy to get a treat and a car ride.


My dog on a walk in the woods


If you live in Mosquito Country, like I do, you know that even if you completely surround yourself in a cloud of insect repellent…you ARE gonna get a mosquito bite this summer. It’s inevitable.

Those flying insects seem to have the ability to NEVER DIE and I am pretty sure that they have an internal radar to find me!!  So, I suppose you can say that I am an expert on itchy bug bites. I must admit that this not exactly the title I was hoping for in life……..but, I digress.

Here is my simple to make and simple to use Anti-Itch Roll On recipe.


Bug Bite Relief : Anti-Itch Roll on



Witch Hazel

Roller Bottle

Stainless Steel Funnel (helpful, not necessary)

5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

4 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil

3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil


Bug Bite Relief Roll-On


  1. Add essential oils to the roller bottle. I like to whirl the oils together to blend them together.
  2. Add witch hazel using a funnel to fill the roller bottle.
  3. Apply the roller top
  4. Enjoy!!

Keep in mind, this mixture is thinner than if you were to use a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil. It comes out rather wet, but it quickly absorbs and works it’s magic.  Witch hazel is well known to help reduce itching and inflammation associated with insect bites and other skin irritations.  Seriously, it works like a charm!!!


Just roll it on the itchy spots every couple hours or so. You can use this for your children as well, but I would dilute the mixture more by adding less essential oils. For more about children and essential oil safety – click here.



Recommended Products on the Ingredient List  (Affiliate Links)

If you need roller bottles, here is a link to my favorite kind. Always, be sure to get the stainless steel roller top.  They roll much smoother. You can get them from Amazon here:  10ML glass roller bottles

To get a handy steel funnels. You can get them from Amazon here: stainless steel funnels

Want to prevent these annoying itchy bug bites??

Make a DIY Essential oil insect repellent spray, just click here for the recipe.


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Need Essential oils?? If so, I use and trust Young Living. To learn more about how to get started with a discounted Starter Kit…..CLICK HERE




Bug Bite Relief Anti-itchRoll on Recipe

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