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Essential Oil Lady VS. Zombie Apocalypse


Yep….I am going to talk about what I would do with my essential oils in the face of a Zombie Outbreak/Apocalypse!!!!

You never know, it may happen!!!!

1) Camouflage my scent with oils.

Okay, so….if I am being chased by a hoard of slow moving, flesh eating creatures that track me the best with the use of their ears and nose, I would try to camouflage and mask my scent while I hold my breath and sit at still as possible. If I were in the woods & hiding for my life,  I would douse myself with Pine oil. Yep, my home is surrounded by many evergreens and if I smell like a tree…..I should be safe, right?!?!?!

2) Splash them with Frankincense.

old church

This oil is known for its ability to repair damaged cells. Maybe if I mixed it with some holy water from a nearby church, I could spray the zombie back to humanity??? Maybe??  Okay, that may not work…but still, it’s an idea.

3) Sniff calming oil

I am always sure to keep Valor essential oil blend on hand to sniff when feeling anxious or worried. Being mentally clear, brave, and calm during times of intense pressure is ESSENTIAL. In the case of a zombie attack, I will need to always be alert, focused, and ready to run.  High-stress situations call for some SERIOUS de-stressing and bravery inducing oil!!  Plus, I bet I’ll be suffering some of the effects of PTSD after watching people get eaten by decomposing zombies!!!  Even just thinking about it, makes me nervous. I better grab my Valor oil now!!! ahhhhhh…….

4) Trip up the clumsy Zombies.

Essential Oil Lady VS. Zombie Apocalypse

Well, us oilers know how important carrier oils are. In this case, they are SUPER important. Mostly, because they are slippery.  If I keep a bottle of almond, coconut, or olive oil with me, I can create a trap causing the zombies to slip and fall. Yep, sounds like a Scooby-Doo Episode, but Scooby and the Gang always got away from the monsters &  SURVIVED!!!

5) Keep a spray bottle of STRAIGHT Peppermint oil.

Okay, this will not work too well with the zombies – they are dead and feel no pain. But, this tiny bottle can cause intense pain to humans that try to harm you. SQUIRT those villains in the eye!!! Yep, it will work just like bear spray……pain, eyes watering, blurred vision, and sheer torture. If you have ever had peppermint oil in or close to your eyes,  you know what I am talking about!!!!

6) Carry a First Aid kit of oils for their anti-microbial effects.

Running from Zombies that want to kill me will most likely cause me to cut or scrape myself one way or another. Having a first aid kit of essential oils that are highly anti-microbial will be important.  So, for my First Aid kit….Lavender oil, Tea Tree oil, and Myrrh oil. There are many others that are useful for this, but these 3 are my FAVE!!

7) Make an Essential Oil Explosion.


Okay, so…I have to admit, the closest I have ever come to making an essential oil explosion, was a Pinterest FAIL bath bomb!!!  But, I do know that certain essential oils can be flammable at different levels of heat. A flash point is a temperature at which a liquid gives off enough flammable vapor to form a mixture with air that can be ignited by contact with a hot surface, spark, or flame. The lower the flash point, greater the fire hazard.  So…… I found, from a multitude of internet searches, that citrus oils seem to have the lowest flash point- around 115°-120° F or so.   I would need to somehow heat the oil and then light the vapors to set the air aflame. Let’s  burn those Zombies in an inferno and send them right where they belong!!

Do you have any Zombie Slaying Oily Ideas??

If so, share them with me-  I would love to hear more ideas on how to stay safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse!!!!!!

Okay, I admit…these ideas may or may not be helpful to an oiler during a Zombie outbreak, but I sure had fun thinking of ways to use my oils for protection!!

I guess the best way to stay safe during a Zombie attack is to RUN, HIDE, PRAY, and STAY QUIET!!

Of course, keep your oils by your side – just in case!!

Keep Calm – There’s an oil for that!!!!!!!

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    • Hahahah! For sure!! Hmmm…..I bet that would need to go under hand washing and cleanliness to prevent the spread of disease. I am sure that disease would be rampant during a zombie outbreak. Or maybe…..just maybe Thieves may be the KEY 🔑 to destroying the virus once and for all!!!!!! How did I miss that?!?!?!?!

  • I think these are all key selling points for the oils mentioned. Honestly, I think there is a market for ZA survival kits, and you could even include a big bottle of cheap vegetable oil for slipping and falling, instead of our precious carrier oils. Very compelling and thought provoking!
    I even see a movie script in there (or a sponsored YouTube video!!!)
    Yes, I just put my oils on. See how they affect our clarity, creativity, and unlimited potential?
    I love you Julie 😊 You are brilliant🌞

    • Thanks. Lol!! You are too funny!!
      I just visualized a crazy YouTube clip! Me as the zombie at 5am!!!! Amazing Transformation after 💦 shower 🚿 and a spritz of frankincense! Although, coffee would be required too!

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