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3 Simple Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About The Natural Remedies You Use.

Have you ever been to your doctor’s appointment and felt unsure about how to share with them your use of essential oils, herbs, and/or other homeopathic remedies?

Do they look at you like you’re a little crazy?

Do you get this look at the doctors when you talk about home remedies?? If so, here are 3 tips for how to talk to your doctor about home remedies

Well……as a Nurse Practitioner caring for patient’s daily, I’ve come across some very interesting people and home remedies. Some, I have heard about their use and others…well…no clue!  Let me tell ya, you will be surprised at some of the techniques and remedies people use!

With this in mind, I feel that most Doctors, Physician Assistants, and Nurses have been trained with a medical model that includes limited education in regards to homeopathic remedies.  What most of us do learn about herbs and alternative treatments is very limited and largely includes only their risks.

This type of training, in my opinion, leads many health care providers to be wary of home remedies, herbs, and essential oils.  If we mostly understand their dangers and are virtually unaware of their benefits and use, can you blame us??

3 Tips for talking to your doctor about home remedies and natural medicine.

As I learn more and more about natural remedies and alternative medicine, I realize that there are benefits galore and plenty of available research -although more would always be awesome!!!!

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

Even with up and coming natural medicine research, many of my colleagues are doubtful and may need a little help to understand your use of natural medicine, homeopathy, or home remedies.

Here are 3 tips for talking with your Health Care Provider about home remedies and natural/alternative medicine………

Be honest

Don’t keep your use of natural remedies a secret and be sure to share EVERYTHING that you are taking/doing.  To make it easier for you to remember, it’s best to bring a list.  Or better yet…the bottle or item you use if possible.

Expect a few blank stares, try not to get rattled,  and do your best to remain confident when talking about what home remedy/remedies you use.

Remember: Your healthcare is just that…YOUR HEALTHCARE! So, be confident.

Be knowledgeable.

Be willing and prepared to share these 3 W’s to assist your Health Care Provider to understand and team up with you to provide safe and holistic recommendations for your health and wellness.


What are you taking/using? How does this vitamin, essential oil, mineral, or herbal help you and how do you use it?


Where to do get your supplement or home remedy? Do you use it on your body? Is so where/how? ie…topical, oral?


How long have you been using/taking it? How often do you practice this activity? When did you start? How are you feeling since using?

Be consistent.

If you are always changing from one natural remedy to the next, it’s not healthy or beneficial to you. Plus, if you are also taking prescription medications….drug levels can be altered by certain herbal substances, so consistency is very important.

Starting and stopping fad remedies can be dangerous and should be done with caution. In my experience,  patients that stick with their plan of care and are flexible, if need be, have the best outcomes. Natural remedies included!

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”
― Anthony Robbins

Remember, YOU are in charge of your health care. As medical care providers, we should give you guidance, advice, recommendations, and warnings while allowing you to have the final say. But I will add….cooperation, collaboration, and communication are essential for us to work as a team. We all have the same goal and that is a healthier YOU!!!!

3 Tips for talking to your medical doctor about your natural remedies

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3 Tips for talking to your doctor about home remedies and natural medicine.

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