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7 Ways I do NOT use Essential Oils.

There are lots of ways I use essential oils, but there are also many ways I do NOT use them. Essential oils can be unsafe and downright nasty if used incorrectly and yep.. I’ve messed up a few times and have also learned from the mistakes of others too.

So….let me tell you a few ways I DO NOT use essential oils

7 Ways I do NOT use Essential Oils

I do not wear citrus oils on my skin during a sunny day or before going to the tanning salon.

This is a sure fire way to get sunburned. Did ya catch the pun?

Citrus oils (orange, lemon, grapefruit, and so forth) increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays making sun burns much more likely. OUCH!!  Just don’t do it.


I do not place essential oils in or near my eye. Well, on purpose anyway.

Oh my! If you ever get peppermint oil near your eyes, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  It’s like a sting that never ends or a fork to the eyeball…it’s just awful.

I am not aware of anyone having permanent damage from single essential oils in/near the eyes, but the discomfort is real.

If you get oil in your eyes, don’t panic….use a carrier oil (coconut, almond, olive, grapeseed oil) to dilute and lessen the discomfort. Put the oil on a tissue and wipe the eye area. My daughter has also used milk to irrigate with good results. Water will NOT help and is not recommended.

I do not suddenly stop all my medications and use essential oils to treat all my medical problems.

NO! Don’t do this. Yes, essential oils can support your health and help with symptom management and wellness, but do NOT stop your medications suddenly. This is just not smart and can have multiple negative health effects.

That said…I do have friends, family, and even personal experience of being able to stop medications after starting to use essential oils, but all of this was done with physician guidance and oversight.

When a person starts to live a life of wellness and takes better care of themself, that person become more healthy and needs less help from modern medicine.


I do not slather my children in essential oils

Okay, my kids are now older..but for young children it is not safe to put essential oils on them improperly diluted or in large quantities. Their skin has better absorption and is more, too much can be dangerous and certain essential oils are not recommended for toddlers and babies.

Click here to read a blog post about essential oil safety with young children.

Below is my favorite reference book for Essential Oil use in pregnancy and with young children. In my opinion, it’s a must have for every mom!!

I do not use essential oils as ear drops.

Yep, this is not a good idea and can easily damage your eardrum. What? What? can lead to hearing difficulties if the eardrum is affected.

If I have issues with my ears,  I will put diluted essential oil around my earlobe, behind,  and in front of my ear. It will absorb and be helpful.

I do not hide my oils in a cabinet.

Well, why would I?!? I use them all the time…every day. If I hid them, I may regretfully forget to grab them! Keep them out so you see them and use them regularly. Essential oils do you very little good sitting on the shelf like a dust collector!

You can use nail polish storage shelving or racks. They work great and are the PERFECT size for both 5ml and 15ml essential oil bottles and can be kept high enough to be out of reach by children.

I do not let children play with the bottles.

Yes, they are nature’s remedy…but, if used improperly they can be dangerous. These bottles of precious oil are not lincoln logs, legos, or pick up sticks. Please, keep them away from your kids!! Plus, if you order online…..the fun big box they come shipped to your house in is much more fun for them anyway!

baby plaing

What are your Essential Oil Don’t Do’s?

I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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