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5 Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Sleep is so important, but sometimes….it’s hard to get enough of. Many times, falling asleep can be quite a challenge. Especially, when it’s hard to “turn off” your mind or relax your body while you lay there and toss and turn and toss again.

For me, I found essential oils to be very helpful. Plus… limiting caffeine before bed. Yep, no coffee for me after 5PM.

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My favorite bedtime oils……

Lavender Oil:

This oil is one I use every night! It is a nice calming floral oil that is quite pretty and great for overall health. I put this in my diffuser next to the bed and make a sleepy time foot rub with it. You can see this recipe here.  It’s really simple!

Cedarwood Oil:

A warm woodsy oil that helps me to calm down and relax. Plus, it smells lovely with lavender oil in the diffuser or in a foot rub with coconut oil and lavender oil.

Peace & Calming Oil:

This is a sweet & gentle blend of oils from Young Living that includes Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. It is great for children and even causes my pets to relax. This blend has a beautiful smell that seems to simply chill out everyone in the room. For me, I find this blend to be awesome in the diffuser when I am preparing for bed, having a glass of wine, or simply winding down.

Vetiver Oil:

A thick essential oil made from the root of a grass found in Asia. It has an earthy and complex aroma. But, boy….what a kick! This one is the best for those really stubborn nights when you just can’t seem to relax. I like to apply this behind my ears with a touch of coconut oil to dilute the oil.

Roman Chamomile:

Ahhh…even the name of this oil relaxes me!. It has a sweet floral smell and smells a little like apples to me. This one is lovely when blended with lavender and cedarwood in the diffuser.

diffuser, oils, and electric blanket

My bedtime oil routine….

  1. Toward the end of the evening, I diffuse 4-5 drops of peace and calming essential oil blend in the living room. I let this diffuse as I relax and slow down for the evening with my family.
  2. Once the family is tucked in and I can hop into bed myself, I use my bedtime diffuser recipe (see below) to fill my diffuser in my bedroom.
  3. Just before I get all cozy, I rub a mixture of coconut oil, lavender oil, and cedarwood oil on my feet. It’s a lovely and simple bedtime foot rub that I have in a mason jar on my nightstand.
  4. For those stubborn nights, I put 1 drop of vetiver oil over the base of my skull and a drop behind my earlobes. Remember this is a thick oil and you should dilute or layer with a carrier oil (coconut, olive oil, almond oil). You can get the coconut oil I use here.


diffuser bedtime

Of course, there are many essential oil options to help with sleep! What are your favorites??

Tips for using essential oils.

Tip #1: Purity

Be sure to use oils that are 100% pure without additives or fillers for the best effect. I use and trust Young Living.

To read about Young Living Seed to Seal Promise – click here.

Tip #2: Safety with children 

The oils I list below are safe for use with children, but remember….children are smaller and require less oil for their room and little bodies. I recommend that you decrease the oil amounts that you use for your little ones.

For more safety info surrounding children – click here. 

Tip #3: Limit cost 

Limiting $$ cost and maintaining quality is so important. I choose to use Young Living oils because I trust their quality and purity. Plus, they have wholesale memberships which means…..discounts for great oils.

If you want to become a wholesale member with Young Living – click here.

5 Essential Oils for Better Sleep

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