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Essential Oils for a Happy Mood.

Did you know that essential oils can help control your mood and daily attitude? It may seem crazy, but it really works. It has been found that when you breathe in essential oils, a part of your brain called the amygdala is reached via the olfactory system triggering the release of endorphins. 

An increase in the flow of endorphins is associated with feelings of pleasure, joy, sexuality/sensually, happiness, self-confidence, and even pain relief. Essentially, endorphins provide a sense of well-being and peace. They are your “feel good” chemicals (What are Endorphins?, Dr. Axe).

There are many ways that I like to use essential oils to boost my mood and help to control my emotions. My favorite uses are to diffuse essential oil blends or apply topically.

Diffuse Essential Oils

An essential oil diffuser disperses the aromatic particles of your essential oil and spreads them into the air surrounding you. When the particles are in the air, you easily breathe them in with every single breath. Each inhale affects the release of endorphins.

I especially love to use this technique in my personal office space at work, my bathroom near the soaking tub, and in my bedroom (right next to the bed).

As we all have different body chemistries, not every person has the same response to a single essential oil. I can only share the oils that work the best for me and my family.

Here is a listing of my top 5 calming oils and happy oils. I will diffuse any and ALL of these essential oils at any given time. Sometimes, I will combine them as a blend making my own personal mood-boosting bomb!

My Top 5 Calming Essential Oils

  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Cedarwood
  • White Angelica (Young Living blend)
  • Valerian

My Top 5 Happy Essential Oils

  • Joy (Young Living blend)
  • Patchouli
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Ylang Ylang


Wear Your Essential Oils Topically

Topical use of essential oil allows for the active components of the essential oil to be absorbed quickly into your skin bringing multiple therapeutic benefits. Wearing your oils can help boost mood and support you when you’re facing stress and worry.

For the best benefit, I recommend that you use a “carrier oil” for application to your skin. My favorite carrier oils are coconut oil (solid or liquid form), almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil or grapeseed oil. These carriers are naturally derived from vegetarian sources and are perfect to help carry essential oil on your skin. This will also lessen the risks of skin sensitivity.

  • Crown of head
  • Temples
  • Behind your Ears
  • Neck
  • Upper back
  • Abdomen
  • Over vital organs
  • Soles and top of feet
  • Ankles



What you will need… Your choice of essential oils, 10 Ml roller bottles and carrier oils such as, almond oil and/or fractionated coconut oil.

For essential oils, I prefer Young Living because I trust their quality and purity, plus as a member I can get wholesale prices and free gifts with purchases!! You can easily get 100% pure essential oils wholesale too! For more info, read about how to become a Young Living member here.

Now, for the recipes……

Happy Juice Roll On

This blend uses lavender oil, the Joy oil blend, Frankincense oil, Orange oil, Lemon oil, and the Valor oil blend. Yep, it’s kinda like I threw in the whole kitchen sink with this one, but…it makes me soooo happy! Hopefully, it does the same for you.

Positive Vibes Roll On

This blend of oils makes me happy and optimistic. The lemon oil perks me up and gets me going during the day. The frankincense and patchouli focus my thoughts and the Joy blend simply makes me happy and smell pretty.

Liquid Calm Roll On

This blend has a few of my favorite oils too! I love Patchouli oil!! Yep, it brings out the flower child in me. For this combo, I combine patchouli oil with vetiver, lavender, and 2 Young living blends (Valor and Stress away). Seriously, this combo works almost like a sedative for me. Of course, this is not to mean you can start this roll on and stop any physician prescribed meds!!! 🙂 At least without their permission, that is.

Sleepy Time Roll On

This combo is one I use every night. I like to diffuse this blend of oils or roll this on my feet and behind my neck. Sometimes, I diffuse and use this roller at the same time. This blend is made with lavender, vetiver, roman chamomile, and cedarwood oils.

If you have a favorite blend for calming your mood or cheering you up, I’d love to hear about. Feel free to share in the comment section!!

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