Natural Wellness with Julie Reneaud

About Me

Hi There!

I’m Julie – an Essential Oil Junkie, Jesus Lover, and Coffee Addict all rolled into one fireball redhead.


Yep…I am a 40-something woman (going on 25) with a passion for wellness, hope, and all things a little quirky. My mantra is “Let My Life Be a Love Song”. Yes, that may sound a little corny….but, I want everything I do to bring a little more love and joy to the world.



Find Joy in the Ordinary




As a Nurse Practitioner, I was trained to view wellness as something attainable. But… I wasn’t exposed to using natural methods to reach that place of wellness. In fact, I thought natural remedies and essential oils were “Snake Oils” meant to trick people out of their time and money until I looked deeper into evidence-based practice and current research. My eyes were opened to a whole new world on the pages of PubMed.


 I remember thinking, “why would I rub a plant product on me when there is a perfectly good pharmacy down the street?”. Now, I know better and can’t seem to stop thinking about ways to add essential oils and healthy home remedies into my life.


I hope to use this blog and business to reach women like me and drawn them to venture toward a more natural lifestyle full of abundance and opportunity.


Come join me on this adventure toward a toxin-free, abundant, and naturally-based life!