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Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends

These are my favorite tried and true diffuser recipes!!

My VERY Favorites!

Of course, the number of drops you use is completely up to you so…feel free to adjust the drop amounts based on your preference.

Simply use these suggestions as a starting point and make the blends your own!!


Clean Linen Blend

This blend is simply lovely. I enjoy the smell of citrus, grass, and cedarwood that fills my home with this essential oil blend. I love to diffuse oils when I am home picking up after a long day.


Happy Days

Happy Days Blend

When I am feeling down…….this oil blend helps to perk me up and adjust my mood for the better.

The Joy Essential Oil blend has a beautiful floral aroma and with the added citrus of orange oil….it really makes me feel happy and boosts my confidence.

Of course, PRAYER is the key….but Joy and Orange oil help quite a bit!!!


Sleepy-time Blend

My-oh-my….I faithfully use this blend in my bedside diffuser every night. It smells so peaceful and calming. Plus, it helps me sleep like a baby!


Spa Day

Spay Day Blend

I just love the smell that fills the room with this combination! Release oil blend has a beautiful floral aroma that helps to release negative emotions, fear, pain, and anger. It also promotes balance and harmony. Adding Ylang Ylang gives an extra floral smell that reminds me of a relaxing spa.  Yes, it is THAT WONDERFUL!!

rosemary,peppermint, lemon

Wake Up Blend

This combination is so clean and refreshing. It seems to simply “turn on” my brain. I absolutely love it first this in the morning and during the afternoon slump!

Calm Focus Blend.png

Calm Focus Blend

This blend has peppermint to help wake me up, rosemary oil to boost my memory, and eucalyptus to help calm and relax me at work. I love this blend in the office!!


2 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends”

    • I like to diffuse calming oils in the main spaces of my home. For instance, if I’m working on homework with the kids, then the dining room. If I need the dogs to relax, then the mud room and so forth.

      My most common spaces for the diffusing are the living room, kitchen, and my bedroom. I love to have the diffuser going with sleepy time oils in my nightstand. 💤

      Hope this helps!!!

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