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Get Started with Essential Oils

RAINSTONE DIFFUSOR KIT. Wholesale Membership

Fill Your Home with Essential Oils!!

With a starter kit from Young Living, you will have all that you need to get started on your essential oil journey. This set is full of oils that are perfect for your entire family and even your pets!!

You will find that this cost-effective discounted bundle is a perfect introduction to Young Living. With the multipurpose oils that are included, there are so many uses that will make you wonder how you made it through life without them!!

What’s Included: 

•1 Home Diffuser

•11 Everyday Essential oils (5ml each)* (Beginners Guide and Oil Uses)

 5 Single Oils – Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Copaiba Vitality

        6 Blends – Panaway, Stress Away, Citrus Fresh, Thieves Vitality, Raven, DiGize Vitality

*Please note:  These are the oils in the US kit, if you are ordering in another country the oils may vary, so verify the oils on Young Living’s signup page.  Any oils above may be substituted with Orange, Lemongrass, AromaEase, Tea Tree, or Citrus Fresh depending upon availability.

•Wholesale Membership (Allowing 24% off Retail Pricing)

•Access to exclusive member-only private Facebook Essential Oil Support & Educational Groups.  

•Plus, you will become a part of the Oily Life Ventures Team with essential oil support 24/7!

•If you choose to make this essential oil lifestyle a business, training will be available free of charge!!

Why not chase your dreams? 

Get your Essential Oil Starter Kit here!!

With a Wholesale Membership, you will have…

  1. No Monthly Requirements
  2. No fees
  3. Wholesale Pricing (24% 0ff Retail)
  4. Optional Discount Monthly Auto-Ship Reward program
  5. A business opportunity if you desire, but NOT required.
    • For more information on the business side of Young Living CLICK HERE 


To become a wholesale member, all you need to do is purchase a starter kit!

Yep!! These starter kits are valued at well over $300 retail and can be yours for at little at $165!!! Plus, you will automatically receive wholesale member pricing at 24% off retail! Crazy, right?!?! It’s a win-win all around!

Simply..Follow these steps!

Step 1:

To become a Young Living Wholesale Member, access Member sign up by clicking here. Be sure to click member when choosing your membership type, unless you want to be a retail customer and pay full price.

BE SURE TO: Keep the sponsor and enroller ID #’s on the page as this is what connects Oily Life Ventures to your order with Young Living

My enroller and sponsor ID# is 3928607

Step 2:

Complete the required information as directed.  You have the choice to give your social security number. This is optional and will be kept strictly confidential but, should be given if you choose to participate in the compensation program for sharing Young Living.  It will only be used should you decide to become a distributor and generate income for you and your family.

 Step 3:

Choose your starter kit. Many different kit options are available. Be sure to browse to see your options.  You may also click here for more information on each starter kit and diffuser.

Step 4:

You have the option of joining a rewards program called Essential Rewards. You may opt out of this program and join at any time if you desire. Of note, if you find yourself using a lot of oils and ordering regularly, this reward program is a great way to get free merchandise and monthly promotions. Plus, cheaper shipping fees!

 Step 5:

Browse. Shop. Order. Enjoy.